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Toolkit: A replicable model for improved health systems leadership and innovation.

The African Health Leadership Initiative Toolkit makes available its methodologies to leaders and practitioners considering related efforts to improve systems leadership and innovation.

Initiative tools are organized across four dimensions: Preparation, Assessment, Leadership Development and Innovation Projects.


Preparation tools establish a solid infrastructure and set the conditions for an effective initiative. Topics include: clarification of roles, aligning around core principles and strategies, establishing monitoring and evaluation methods, and setting procedures for communicating among partners and stakeholders.


Assessment tools surface barriers and enablers to effective health systems and establish a baseline for measuring progress. Topics include: gaining first-hand experience and fresh perspectives, conducting systematic assessments, and cohesively synthesizing a complexity of information.


Leadership Development tools catalyze the ability of health systems to increase productivity and bring effective health interventions to scale. Related tools focus on aligning vision, values and commitments, and exploring new approaches to problem solving and scaling.

    Convening Leadership Teams

    Facilitation Tools for Team Setting

    Reflection Practices (.pdf, 600KB)

    Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues

    Collective Visioning

    Technical Managerial Skills


Innovation Project tools help make concrete an initiative’s efforts to effect health improvements. The tools guide health leaders to themselves design, test and implement projects, and to ensure that projects receive appropriate technical and political support and financial resources.


    Lean Operations

    Enabling Environments

    Regional Delivery Unit

Specialized Innovation Project Tools

In addition to tools on its approach, the Initiative has developed specialized tools to advance some of the specific innovation projects being implemented in Namibia. These resources include:

    Maternal and Newborn Health Radio Talk Show Resource Kit